Most Qualifiied Person in India

Many of us don't know about who is Shrikant Jichkar? He was a scholar. We all should have proud of him. He was such a great man of India. I am sure you will be amazed after reading the full article.
I am going to give him tribute in my words. 
Shrikant jichkar a Scholar with a very short life of only 49, He wrote 42 University Exams in overall. A genius brain born in Kotal, Maharashtra on 14th September 1954. 
As of his Education, he was,  ~ A Doctor (MBBS & MD from Nagpur), 
~ An Advocate ( LLM) 
~ An Entrepreneur ( DBM & MBA)
~ Journalist (B.Journ)
~ D. Litt in Sanskrit,
The most amazing part is that most of the degrees with First Merit & Gold Medal.
He wrote around 42 University Exams  from 1973 to 1990. He did Master in Arts ( M.A.) in ten subjects. 
He is not done yet... He cleared most noble service exams of India,  He cracked IPS than IAS. 
After then he made one more amazing record of being elected youngest MLA of India at age of only 26.
 Not only MLA at Maharashtra Legislativ…

Agriculture Bill 2020 - An Analysis

One by one, to take his bold and strong steps the ruling party of the world's largest democracy took a revolutionary step to improve the agricultural sector under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi and passed three bills to the Lok sabha.
 While the government is pointing out the bill to be a long-sighted and a milestone for the Indian agricultural system, the opposition and some political/non - political organisations are calling it an anti - peasant initiative of the government. 
Even on behalf of the BJP 's Allies, Akali dal, the central minister Harsimarat Kaur Badal even resigned from his position as a protest against the bill. Let us briefly examine both sides of the bill.
 The first bill is, "amendment of goods (amendment) bill, 2020" according to this bill, a proposal to remove the agricultural products from the list of essential commodities like foodgrains, pulses, oilseeds, potatoes and Onions in extraordinary conditions (war, famine, natural disaster, etc.)…

White Collar Crime

There are many crimes in our society but most of us don't know about the crime which is done by rich and respectable people that is white-collar crime. White-collar crime is financially motivated nonviolent crime committed for illegal monetary gain. 
White-Collar Crime is difficult to define because it can be committed by anyone with money and apply to many different activities. White-Collar Crime is an illegal activity carried on within normally legal business transactions.  For example, White Collar Crime comes from within legal businesses such as banking, stock trading or insurance claims.
1941 E.H. Sutherland propounded the concept of white-collar crime. Sutherland pointed out that besides the traditional crimes such as assault, robbery, dacoity, murder, rape; kidnapping and other acts involving violence, there are certain anti-social activities which the person of upper class carries on in course of their occupation or business. 
White-Collar Crime in India:-
In India, White Collar …

Various categories of Cyber Crime

A crime that involves Technology and Internet is called Cybercrime. A crime that is done by computer only is called computer crime. The network is not included in computer crime. If anyone leaks someone's privet information and uses it for their benefit is called computer crime. Computer crime can be done in many ways like leaking any private information, give private information to someone else, change the information and many other things.Cybercrime involves a network. When the internet was developed, no one thinks about any crime related internet but as time passes a new crime developed that is cybercrime.  When crimes are related to the internet and cyberspace, called cybercrime.  Every internet user should know about cybercrime. People who used the internet for their criminal activities are called cybercriminals and hackers. Cybercrime is called computer crime also. Cyber terrorism is also a very serious matter nowadays. If we don't know about cybercrimes, we can be a victim …

Major Dhyanchand - the hockey wizard

Major Dhyanchand is considered to be the greatest player in the history of hockey. Major Dhyanchand's birthday is celebrated as the National Sports Day of India every year on 29th August.

 Major Dhyanchand has won 3 Olympic  medals at the Olympic Games. 
Dhyanchand was born in the family of Mauryan of Allahabad in up on 29 August 1905. His father's name was Sameshwar Singh who worked as a subedar in the British Indian army. The father of Dhyan Chand and his two brothers Ruta Singh and rupa Singh was a hockey player like DhyanChand. 
He had scored 400 goals in international matches in his hockey career. 
In 1928 he scored the largest round of 5 matches in Amsterdam Olympics and became the highest player in the tournament. From that time he came to be known as the hockey wizard.  He had scored the most goals in the Berlin Olympics of 1936.
Once he went with his father to watch a hockey match, there was a team that lost 2 goals, When Dhyanchand told his father that he wanted to play fo…

Health benefits of seeds

Who doesn't want to reduce weight?  If anyone tells us that some food can reduce weight, one should definitely go for it. Seeds can be a better option for reducing weight. For this, we have to eat food which has more protein and fiber and avoid unhealthy food which has more carbs.
For weight loss, you should add some seeds in your regular diet. Seeds can be more beneficial for weight loss.  Here I am describing some of the seeds which have lots of fiber, antioxidants and minerals. Seeds can help to boost metabolism
1. Chia seeds
Chia seeds have lots of protein, mineral and nutrition. Chia seeds look small but it is full of energy and nutrition. Chia seeds have omega-3 and fatty acid and it's full of fiber, antioxidants. chia seeds can be a good option for you if you want to lose weight. All you have to do is take a glass full of water and add two tablespoons of chia seeds, mix it and drink. Health benefits of chia seeds- * Helps to lose weight. * Chia seeds are good for them who is suffer…

S. Ramanujam- The Great Indian Mathematician

Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar was an Indian mathematician who contributed to the “ theory of numbers”. He was born in Erode, Tamil Nadu, on 22 December 1887, he grew up in poverty, his father working as an accounting clerk, while his mother was a temple singer and earns a bit. The mathematician died on April 26, 1920,  This year his 100th death anniversary, let us retrieve some interesting facts about S. Ramanujan. In his short but great life, Ramanujan proved around 3,900 results and most of them have now been proven correct after his death. That time no living mathematician in comparison to his knowledge of continued fractions yet he never had a formal education about modern mathematics. 
S. Ramanujan cleared his primary examinations in English, Maths, Geography, and Tamil. Not only cleared, but he also cleared with scores top in District, and he was Aged Just 10.   S. Ramanujan received merit certificates and academic awards that continued throughout his school career, that time he was …